Dawn - Huntersville PhotographerDawn Strouse is the third member of the power triumvirate of photographers at Photography by Chanda. Together with Brandy and Chanda, these three women come to you with camera in hand to journal the romantic union of life and art.

Dawn joined photography by Chanda in 2011. She may be the newbie of the staff with respect to time with the company, but she’s certainly not a rookie in the art world. As a lifelong artist in both personal and professional settings, the transition from canvas and brush to camera was a seamless one. The camera to Dawn is simply another way to paint a picture, another art language. Art has been a persistent whisper throughout her life, in and out of everyday roles and careers. This has shaped her holistically as a true artist who brings a fresh, new and creative perspective to any shoot. She will capture what you’d like to see and so much more.

Her contagious enthusiasm perfectly complements the goal of Photography by Chanda, which is to capture the peaks and valleys of life around the country. She’s got the perfect temperament to succeed in this craft and will greatly contribute to the realization of the goals of Chanda’s newest endeavor, Photography by Chanda Cares. When asked about photography, Dawn says, “What I’ve learned in life is that anyone is capable of transforming into a butterfly if they just have the courage to let go and be themselves. Who knew that photography would be another language to express my creativity? For me, it is a natural progression, as I have found that photographs are an extension of my soul and are proof positive that life is beautiful.”
Kudos to Ms. Chanda Pope in adding both Brandy and Dawn to her staff, as it is abundantly clear that Chanda not only has an eye for detail in her own work, but clearly an eye for identifying and hand selecting the crème de la crème in talent.
Dawn’s gallery