Brandy - Huntersville photographerBrandy Bond is a remarkable photographer who joined Photography by Chanda in 2009. Brandy is a photographic talent who has been under Chanda Pope’s mentorship since she joined the company.

As Chanda’s protégé, Brandy has naturally adapted Chanda’s style (photography style that is, because as we all know, there is only one person who can pull off the fashion of Chanda Pope). Brandy herself is a classic J. Crew girl who might wear one bow on a good day, yet she loves her ice cream just like Chanda.

Growing up, Brandy was always the girl who had a camera with her wherever she went, taking pictures of just about anything that caught her eye. Back then, photography was a hobby; something she adored and pursued with great passion, yet never dreamt it would develop into her profession. However, Chanda spotted her unmistakable gift and took her under her wing, crafting her skills and teaching her the ropes, and as a result, she has transitioned from a recreational photographer into an incredibly confident professional photographer.

Brandy credits Chanda with her development and prosperity in her professional endeavors, noting that she has been given an amazing opportunity to learn from the best and truly loves every moment of what she does. When asked what being a photographer means to her, Brandy commented, “To be able to capture a moment between a father and daughter just before he walks her down the aisle or the sheer joy of a child running; to tell a story. That is amazing!”

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