Our Team

It’s all about a relationship, a story, a life. At Photography by Chanda in Huntersville, North Carolina, we are worldwide journalistic photographers serving the Carolinas and beyond. We love turning even the most ordinary moments into something truly spectacular through our journalistic and artistic photography. Our team is passionate about making your beautiful memories come to life through photography. We can find beauty in unexpected places... your pleasure is our reward! We experience great joy in helping our clients capture and re-live every priceless moment in time that touches their heart. Once it’s gone, it’s never coming back. Don’t miss it—let us help you hold onto it forever.


  • Chanda

    CHANDA’S STORY At an early age, I saw things differently than other people, and as a result, I wanted to show the world the beauty of life through my eyes. To achieve that, I grew another appendage as my camera became part of me. My young love of photographic art fueled my insatiable desire to . . .
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  • Brandy

    BRANDY’S STORY Brandy Bond is a remarkable photographer who joined Photography by Chanda in 2009. Brandy is a photographic talent who has been under Chanda Pope’s mentorship since she joined the company. As Chanda’s protégé, Brandy has naturally adapted Chanda’s style (photography style that is, because as we all know, there is only one person . . .
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  • Dawn

    DAWN’S STORY Dawn Strouse is the third member of the power triumvirate of photographers at Photography by Chanda. Together with Brandy and Chanda, these three women come to you with camera in hand to journal the romantic union of life and art. Dawn joined photography by Chanda in 2011. She may be the newbie of . . .
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