photography session

Session costs are determined by the number of subjects, type of event and desired length. They are conducted at the location of your choice. However, if the location selected necessitates extended travel and/or stay, additional compensation will be necessary.

A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required to hold a session date; $500.00 deposits are required for weddings/events/family vacations.

All balances are due in full at the time of service, except for a wedding/event, which is due one month prior to the date of service. Cash, check, credit card (Visa, MasterCard) paid directly or via PayPal are considered acceptable methods of payment.

Above and beyond session pricing, we offer a host of other services and products, such as family travel, destination sessions or events, customized jewelry, packages, various size prints, albums, gift certificates and more!!! Please contact me via email or phone to discuss this further. Additionally, please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Session Packages:

  • Newborn/Baby Photography Session: $500.00 – focus on one subject.
  • Child Photography Session: $400.00 – focus on one subject.
  • Family Photography Session: $500.00 – focus up to four subjects.
  • Couple’s Photography Session: $450.00 – focus on two subjects.
  • Maternity Photography Session: $400.00 – focus on one subject.
  • Senior Photography Session: $400.00 – focus on one subject.
  • Head Shot: $300.00 – focus on one subject.

Additional subjects are $50.00. All these sessions are based on a one-hour session, except for head shot, which is 20 minutes. Mini sessions start at $300.00 (only 20 minutes). If session goes over an hour it is an additional cost.  If over 20 minutes of drive time additional travel fee of 1.00 per mile will be added Unless we are traveled by plane that is totally different please inquire about big travel destinations.

Commercial & Fashion Photography Packages:

  • Fashion Photography Session: start at $500.00 – focus on one subject.
  • Commercial/Corporate Photography Session: start at $500.00 – focus on one subject.

Additional Subjects are $50.00.

Celebrations, Events & Weddings Packages:

  • Celebrations/Events/Weddings: (4-hour coverage) -$3,200.00
  • Wedding Dinner Rehearsal: (2-hour coverage) $500.00 (photojournalistic coverage)
  • Bridal Session: $500.00 – focus on one subject (1-hour coverage)

Documentary Packages:

  • Birthday Party Documentary: (2-hour coverage) $500.00 (photojournalistic coverage only)

No additional charge for extra subjects, as this is based on photojournalistic storytelling thu. Of course we’ll pay special attention to the birthday cutie!

  • Family Vacation Documentary: (2-hour coverage) starting at $500.00

This is our specialty! We travel worldwide and every family has different needs and wants, so please contact us to create a custom package that fits your needs and budget.

Each additional hour is $250.00 on any session

The number of images varies from shoot to shoot, yet 150 images an hour gives you an idea what to expect. 🙂 Mini sessions are around 50 images. Headshot sessions is about 10 images.

Every session includes full copyrights that will be given to you and provided on CD/DVD.
*Note: we do not accept credit cards directly…only thru via paypal… safest way to send payment if using cc.