Summer is over…Yet Fall 2014 is here!!!

Summer is over… Yet Fall is here!!! and Clap because we got our second part of our summer news done! yippeeee! lol Photography By Chanda has been traveling all around the Carolina’s documenting special ones to tying the love knots to lil cherubs growing to our amazing families and our corporate clients…As you know this is busy crazy season. If you have not reserved your spot on the 2014 calender you need to call to get on the waiting list as of now Oct and Nov are on a waiting list.  Brandy is solid booked for Oct and Dawn does have a couple of openings for Oct. We have documented so much we have no idea where to start…yikes!!!! Thanks to you all that let us share your stories… They mean the world to us… xoxo

We just love this time of year.. hoodies, pumpkin anything, apple crisp a la mode “of course” changing of the colors…so yummy all the way around.  Just some random captured memories below we will share so you can gather why our blogs/news/website are getting more and more less because we are a tad tooo busy…to keep it up and we know it needs a lot of work and edits yet, we think that is going to have to go on the back burner until after the holidays as you know we are knee deep crazy busy lol yet, like we said here are just some stories to share and enjoy… and “O” We have some new babies that we are waiting for too… we cannot wait!!!

Look Caroline we just celebrated her birthday…1 year old how darling and so perfect to start off fall!!!! We cannot wait to document her whole family this season for tis the season… we cannot wait because it is going to be amazing and cannot wait to share!!!!!! eek! and Congrats to her daddy… He is a pretty darn amazing Pit crew guy named Tony…See if you can figure who he is…Go daddy from us!

1-IMG_00301-IMG_01771-IMG_0832 1-IMG_99011-IMG_0260

Talk about birthdays holy AJ is going to be 10!!! We have had the honor of documenting him and his family since he was only months old… crazy how time flies… or we are feeling old…lol His love for baseball and his momma is so evident and growing into a young man and for the first year his best friend Jacks is not here for pics yet, in one of the pics is holding something that he looks at everyday as he misses his furry best friend…. and mom that misses chasing after that yellow ball…now has a white ball to chase after… AJ has always kept us on our toes with his wit and humor i always have to be 2 steps ahead bc he is always 3! lol Love you

1-IMG_5515 1-IMG_56141-IMG_6422


Blue Eyed Belle has done it again these custom designed linen dresses with a bow..”a lil excited” are truly amazing for fall tim….if you would like to get to know more about this boutique just let us know and we will get you in touch with the fabulous owner for sure so your young girl can wear something so comfy and playful thru the season!




Rami and Ryan tied the knot at her parents most stunning farm in Smyra,SC  Just truly breathtaking to document such a special day on such special land so close to home with her friends, family and animals truly so sweet. We felt so blessed to be apart of their special day…














Fort Mill, SC seriously has just amazing families that we cannot get enough of we cannot charge for extra mileage for some of our favorite families just bc it is like they are family… How rewarding when when we can call our clients our friends like the Hay Family a family that was given to me by my Honour Hiers…. “O” how amazing they are… the girls are like no other and would come home with me anyday of the week well if daddy allowed them… lol  Love you Hay family





Take a good look at the next world champ in Soccer in 12 years i think he might be the youngest player we have never seen such talent in such a lil boy not to mention gorgeous. His feet work left me speechless. He is a lil wonder of Joy and hope for the future of bright young talented man.





9 months and waiting is this family for their baby girl…. You can say they are a lil excited to meet and hold her and teach her everything they know about country and a golf course Meet the Lowery Family1-IMG_64741-IMG_6811




Can you believe our fav set of 3year old twin girls birthday is here and Momma done it again  Mickey Mouse theme is was with minnie, Daisy you know hot diggity dog catered and decorated beautifully with the best family and friends we were a surprise to momma Daddy called and said could you come and surprise mom and be there to document… of course how could we say no?!?! we figured it out and made it work and we would not have it any other way for my girls Brynne and Mackenzie…. I swear the two most amazing loving set of girl twins ever…they share never get made at each other it is so amazing to watch and truly amazing parenting they have love for everyone even their sister Vera… and yes the adults par took in all games as you will see below… lol to wear her ears… love and Happy Birthday girls

1-IMG_9927-001 1-IMG_9922-0011-IMG_1611










Beau is back … we have just documenting him this is our 3rd time and with his parents this time… always has me laughing and in awe of who he is…I have always said since the first time we met might be the president some day. and A good one always fun and laughter here the word that came to my mind this time was “Discover” that is him…

1-IMG_1445 1-IMG_2072



FUN is spelled all around these kiddios Jayla and Mason are nothing a like yet, the love they have for each other is truly like no other especially baby bro watches over his big sis and will do anything for her.. We always a fun time always never a dull moment and at times I thought i might have peed my pants… why i bring an extra pair always in the car… lol truly always such a treat… ooo we did get treat ice cream date it was after the walk to get there and then water play nothing like a water foutain to have pure fun in… xoxo






Another big birthday my god daughter… gorgeous and she was so excited to start pre-k this year bc her birthday falls after sept 1st…the cut off…she told me all about how school is going to be so awesome and amazing were her words in these images at my home when we had our playdate… she wore this gorgeous dress in her uncle chad “godfather’s” wedding this summer it was so amazing i had to document her in it… I mean how could you not??? right Happy Birthday Hudson Faith I love you.




Another amazing SC wedding shot by our Dawn of one beautiful day of two love birds… Sam and Christine tying their knot outside with cow boots and all at the beginning of sept… Blue was the color of beauty this day as the sky was gorgeous with clouds and to the accesories it truly all came together just simply stunning Dawn just did amazing!  We love this family and has been with us for how many years now…. hmmm I think  we are going on 5 years… yikes!!! life is too good!





IMG_7026 IMG_7086IMG_8411







Brandy shot the Bartell Family for a quick session you might recognize the momma here she is in the biz of an opera singer… “amazing right”? really cool and she is just stunning along with her family of 6! They sure do keep busy with 3 boys and 1 girl… Brandy shot them down on the green downtown Enjoy!






We have been waiting forever this day… This adorable couple “Meredith and Chris” has been together forever and they found the time to bring everyone together hundreds together in one sweet spot in Saxahauaw near Chapel Hill, NC in an old Mill they converted truly up our alley for sure… Ceremony took place at the vineyard down the street… lots of drinks were pouring along with the love all around.  Brandy and I sure had a blast the entire time up there and all the places we stopped along the way for treats and sweets for sure!!!

1-IMG_17391-IMG_6739 1-IMG_1722













See if we can squeeze one more session to make you smile… Our Dawn has been documenting Philip since he was born and now look …one big boy surrounded by his two big fans… sisters and of course his parents… Happiness is around every corner with this family as you can see… Look at all that teeth!!! lol





We all hope for everyone to have one amazing fall season. Give and spread love and happiness to all and make this world a better place. Make each and every day like it was your last and spread the awareness of Pediatric Cancer to all of the children and families that are fighting a battle we pray that there is a miracle to you and your family… xoxo  love all of us here!