OMG… How did this 2017 year go by so fast????

Ok… i know i say this year after year… like seriously I am writing on the last page of 365 days of 2017… yet is my first post out of the 12 chapters of 2017 i believe.  embarrassing!!!!! yet, i suck at writing so better for you to read my chandaism’s only once a year i guess is the silver lining!  Yet, to say we are busy is an understatement as many of you know we spend time with you instead of writing, blogging, posting etc Because that is who we are… Traveling all over to just down the street…

Just a few pics we love …… from this past year…


We have been reflecting on the past year and looking ahead to 2018, and we wanted to share a few things!!!

First, we are blown fabulously away by the amazing thoughtfulness of our clients/friends.  The amazing  gifts, messages, mail you have given thru ought the year does not go unrecognized… You all inspire us to be better and better… and give more where ever we can <3

Secondly,  you have trusted us for years and years to capture your special moments lies so deep in our hearts more than you will ever know… the loyalty you have for us is truly remarkable and fills our buckets and sometimes it over spills xo

Finally,  some the greatest joys we experience in our life are the little things…spending quality time with our families and you all recognize that and are so great at comprehending when we might need extra time with our own families to cherish as much as we can before a loved one is gone…

Our goals for the new year include:  Keeping you all so happy!!! Spending more time with Friends and Family!!! and of course Eating more Ice Cream!!!

with love always, us xo

and we Cannot wait to see you all Next Year!!!!!! lol