Photography Blog

May 2013

Photography by Chanda is busy, busy, busy shooting raindrops that keep falling…on my head, on your head and heck on everyone’s heads too! We’re capturing every single moment of this delightful deluge that has been occurring everywhere this Spring. In fact here in Charlotte the Hopkinson braved the rain which made for some amazing pics! . . .

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April 2013

Aprils showers…shmowers. A little rain isn’t going to stop us! But honestly, we barely had time to compare about the rain as Photography by Chanda took to the friendly skies for most of the month of April seemingly escaping the waterfall the April tends to bring. When we weren’t flying, we were driving. We hit . . .

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March 2013

The thermometer marches up and slides back down…. one day 74 next 34. How is that for crazy weather? I’ve been trying to think when the temperature has ever gone this crazy. Weather predictions are all over the place. We don’t know what to prepare for weather-wise at Photography by Chanda as we travel out . . .

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